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National 4 & 5 / Higher



The Geography course is made up of 3 units which are outlined below. All three units are assessed internally through a range of activities.  The units studied are:


Physical Environments

In this Unit, learners develop an understanding of the location and formation of physical landscapes, in particular, rivers and upland limestone landscapes. They also study the weather. They will develop a range of geographical skills through the investigation of physical processes, and the examination of land use conflicts and their management.

Human Environments

In this Unit, learners will develop knowledge and understanding of social and environmental issues in the context of the human environment. Pupils will focus on developed and developing world case studies, such as Scotland, India and Brazil, to investigate how a growing population is impacting on our cities and countryside across the world.

Global Issues

In this Unit, learners will look at the interactions between humans and the environment to develop a detailed understanding of global issues. Study will focus on natural hazards such as hurricanes and volcanoes, as well as the issue of climate change.


Assignment/Added Value Unit 

In this Unit, learners will demonstrate their ability to apply their skills, knowledge and understanding to research a geographical topic or issue of their choice.


They will be expected to draw on a range of geographical, numerical and analytical skills to gather, process and present geographical information, to analyse the results and draw conclusions.

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