Technician Support Staff

The Technician Staff Team have a key role in delivering support across the whole school.

The team works closely with the Teaching Staff, contributing to the school’s overall aim of maintaining the best educational standard possible.  This includes hands on expertise and assisting with practical equipment preparation, safe handling and maintenance,  processing of learning materials, setting up whole school displays and organising parents events.

A good Pupil/ Technician partnership provides a positive ethos by our friendly ‘go to’ team at Portlethen Academy.


Who’s who?


Mrs E Chesshire   Whole School Technician (Job Share)
Mrs E Ross   Whole School Technician (Job Share)
Mrs S Bruce   Science Technician (Job Share)
Mrs L Hardie   Science Technician (Job Share)
Mrs A Cheyne   Technical Assistant
Mrs S Fairclough   Technical Assistant
Mrs A Hodge   Technical Assistant
Mr B Black   ICT Support Analyst