The Guidance Team operates within the context of the school as a caring community.  There are 5 Principal Teachers of Guidance linked respectively to the five Houses who are responsible for ensuring the wellbeing of all pupils through the provision of pastoral care and support.  Each pupil in the Academy will be known personally and in some depth by at least one member of the Guidance staff.  The Guidance staff are always available to give advice and assistance to pupils and look forward to operating in close contact with parents and teachers.

Throughout a pupil’s time at the school, the Guidance team will ensure that each child is safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active, responsible, respected and included.  This involves the team working closely with pupils, parents and staff as well as outside agencies to ensure that Portlethen Academy is Getting it Right for Every Child.

Who’s who in the Guidance Department









Mr S Reid








Mrs A L McLeod (Mon, Tues, Fri)

Mrs F Johnston (Weds, Thurs)









Ms H Jones









Mrs E Leslie









Mr M McKinnie