Curriculum for Excellence

“The national Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) program provides the framework for the teaching, learning and experiences of our young people. It puts their needs at the heart of learning and teaching.

In Aberdeenshire we are committed to giving every child and young person the chance to realise their full potential and become successful, confident, responsible citizens who are able to contribute effectively to their learning community.

At Portlethen Academy this means we strive to provide a rich, varied and challenging curriculum with experiences for all young people that builds towards their future. We have 3 main goals:

  •  Attainment: The best qualifications for each learner which will support their employment pathways now and, in the future
  •  Achievements: A range of positive achievements and experiences both in school and beyond
  •  Skills: A range of skills that will help learning in school and beyond, in the workplace and which will support their health and wellbeing

We place an emphasis on linking our curriculum to the workplace beyond school as we believe that experiential learning and providing clear contexts and relevance are crucial to pupil motivation, attainment and achievement. If we know the purpose of our learning and are involved in it our gains are stronger.”

Curriculum For Excellence Information booklet V4

Portlethen Academy Curriculum Structure

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