Additional Support for Learning (SFL)

  1. Faculty vision statement
  2. The ASL Faculty is a dedicated team of teachers, pupils support assistants and pupil support workers who aim to meet a range of needs for individual learners throughout their school career. We work closely with the Guidance Team, the Senior Leadership Team, Faculties and outside agencies to provide pupils with a safe, secure and positive learning experience.


  1. Staff names and subjects taught
Mrs MacKenzie (Mon, Thur, Fri) PT
Mrs MacLeod (Tue, Wed) PT – Bourtree
Mrs Bentley (alt Mondays, Tues-Thurs) ASL Teacher
Mr Jennings (Mon, Wed-Fri) ASL Teacher
Miss Munro ASL Teacher
Mrs Townhill (Fri) ASL Teacher
Ms S Christie ASL Teacher
Dr Price ASL Teacher
Ms M Lorimer ASL Teacher
Mrs Sircar (Tues, Wed) ASL Teacher
Mrs L Walter ASL Teacher
Ms A Robson PSA
Mrs Ajayi PSA
Mrs Cairns PSA
Mrs Hebenton PSA
Mrs Hendry PSA
Ms McKay PSA
Mrs Shearer
Ms E Noble
Ms L Strachan
Mrs Crombie
Ms Gillies



  1. Department statement

Many pupils may require additional support for learning at some point in their school lives for a variety of reasons. These include barriers to learning such as dyslexia, ADHD etc., a physical impairment, having English as an Additional Language, having missed school for any reason, or being particularly gifted. The needs of all pupils can be met in a variety of contexts throughout the school day.

In Class Support

Pupils are supported in their classes by ASL teachers or PSAs. This support takes the form of general help to understand the work, scribing, reading, withdrawal of small groups for focussed tasks or working one to one with pupils. Where direct support is not available in class we work with the class teacher to provide guidance and strategies to support.

Support Centre (Enhanced Provision)

The Support Centre provides a teaching base for pupils who have an alternative curriculum or have been withdrawn from a class. The focus is one to one or small group teaching. Each timetable is tailored for the individual pupil and the focus of learning and teaching is on literacy, numeracy, health and wellbeing, and lifeskills.  In addition, the pupils have the opportunity for project based learning which builds skills for learning, life and work.

The Support Centre also offers a safe space for pupils at lunchtime where they can talk with friends and play games. In addition, we offer quiet spaces for pupils who are struggling to regulate their emotions in class.


We work closely with our cluster primaries to ensure a smooth transition to the academy for pupils who receive support in the primaries. Information about support needs of primary pupils are shared with staff before their 3-day visit. In addition, we arrange numerous visits over the course of P7 for pupils coming to Enhanced Provision to ensure that the pupils will be comfortable with the academy setting.

Paired Reading

S6 pupils are trained in paired reading to mentor a small group of S1 pupils on a one to one basis. The emphasis is on reading for enjoyment and gaining confidence whilst in a safe and secure environment.

Behaviour Support

We have two Behaviour Support Workers who work with pupils one to one, in small groups or in classes to support them with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Pupils work in a variety of ways to gain skills in regulating their emotions and or behaviours which may cause barriers to their learning.



  1. BGE Courses

Subject in S1 and S2: short blurb on topics/projects covered.

Subject in S3: breakdown on topics covered, skills developed and possible progression

  1. Senior Phase (include link to SQA pages, summary of requirements, concepts lists, coursework timelines)

National 2s are qualifications which allow our pupils in Enhanced Provision to gain a qualifications in the skills they have gained in the academy. These are taught either in Enhanced Provision or in the subject Faculty with support from ASL.

Business in Practice

Creative Arts

English and Communication

Food, Health and Wellbeing

Information and Communications Technology

Lifeskills Mathematics

Performance Arts

Practical Craft Skills

Science in the Environment

Social Subjects

SQA – Additional Assessment Arrangements

Assessment arrangements are arranged for pupils to allow them to perform on par with their peers. All S3 pupils with support needs are assessed for their additional assessment arrangements. These are agreed under the strict guidelines from the SQA and are reviewed each year with the pupils and staff.


  1. Revision websites


  1. Pathways

                Curricular pathways/progression (Curriculum Group to provide?)



  1. Extra-curricular & Wider Achievement


  1. Careers and DYW

Pupils in Enhanced Provision are supported to attend a link course in NesCol in S4. This course aims to builds their skills for the world of work. In addition, the pupils are supported to take part in relevant work experience. We work  closely with Skills Development Scotland to find positive pathways for the pupils.


Link to MWOW website, Careers Factfiles,

image and link to poster:

Planit website:

Nescol infographic (all subjects saved on SharePoint)



Useful Websites

SCILL Aberdeenshire

Enquire – Scottish Advice Service for Additional Support for Learning

Aberdeenshire Council ASN Manual

Aberdeenshire Council Additional Support for Learning 

Aberdeenshire Support Directory for Families

HI2U – A site centred around ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, Dyslexia and similar neurological differences along with any other type of hidden impairment.



National Autistic Society (Helpline : 0845 070 4004)

Scottish Autism

Children with Autism

NHS Autism Info

Understanding ADHD

CHADD – The National Resource on ADHD (USA Based Website)

ADHD Information Services


Downs Syndrome




The Dyspraxia Foundation 


Cererbral Palsy




Dyslexia Scotland

Dyslexia Toolkit

Dyslexia Scotland – North East (technological products info)

Dyslexie Font (free to download for home use)

Crossbow Education (Visual Stress Resources)

Dyslexia Action

Understanding Dyslexia



Tourettes Action


Other useful websites

National Association of Able Pupils website

A site for young people with Additional Support Needs

Supporting bereaved children and their families

(free personal organiser programme)

(for speech, language and communication difficulties – Information regarding bullying and what you can do.

Scottish Association of Mental Health – information regarding recovery, impacts and mental health

Stonewall Scotland – information regarding lesbian, gay, transgender equality

LGBT Youth Scotland – supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people – Free and confidential telephone helpline for anyone caring for a child in Scotland.

tel : 0800 028 2233 – Free and confidential phone line service for any individual experiencing low mood or depression or who is unusually worried and in need of someone to talk to.

tel : 0800 83 85 87

tel 08457 90 90 90

Samaritans provide confidential and non-judgemental support, 24 hours a day for people experiencing feeling of distress or despair.

CHILDLINE – Tel : 0800 1111