Mrs F Johnston Music
Mrs E Reid
Miss L Hart


In the Music Department, pupils are encouraged to appreciate positive participation through practical experience. Skills are developed through a variety of performance opportunities – in groups, as a class and individually. The practical element is supported by related listening where the music is set in context – socially, culturally and historically. Pupils also use technology to create original music. Through all elements of the course, pupils are encouraged to reflect upon their progress to take some responsibility for their learning. The Music Department fully embeds the School’s Aims – Learn & Improve, Get Involved, Think of the Consequences – with an emphasis on the positive consequences getting involved can have along with the resulting progress.


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Instrumental Music Service Staff

As well as Mrs Johnston and Miss Simpson, the Music Department has seven other members of its team. Our Instrumental Music Instructors provide music lessons on a variety of instruments as part of the IMS.

Teacher Instruments/Section Days in Portlethen Academy
Mr Brechin Guitar (electric & acoustic) & Bass Guitar Monday
Mr Cargill Piano
Mr Couzin Cello TBC
Mr Hibbs Strings
Mrs Kelly Percussion Friday
Mr Wallace Brass Tuesday (Online)


Each Instructor’s termly timetable is available by clicking on their name. Some timetables can be subject to last minute changes – pupils will be informed of these by their teacher or via the Faculty noticeboard.

Music in S1, S2 and S3

National 4 Music

Nat 5-Higher-Advanced


Careers and DYW

Blurb about how a low percentage of pupils will actually go on to work in the Creative Industries but the skills they gain/develop as a result of taking part in music are key to many areas of employment. Top skills employers are looking for: team work etc. Use some of the infographics posted on Twitter.

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