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Ms M Thomas Art and Design
Ms S-L Hunt Art and Design


In Art & Design at Portlethen Academy we combine practical and research-based studies in an exciting way to deliver the curriculum needs at all stages.

Art can inspire, challenge and engage the students in highly creative, meaningful and ambitious work.

We encourage and give opportunities to students to:

  • respond to experiences
  • develop understanding and insight
  • explore and express feelings
  • increase knowledge and develop skills both those specific to the expressive arts and those which are transferable
  • be creative and express themselves in different ways
  • experience enjoyment and contribute to other people’s enjoyment through creativity and expression
  • develop an appreciation of aesthetic and cultural values, identities and ideas and, for some, prepare for advanced learning and future careers by building foundations for excellence in the expressive arts.


The creation of art demands rigour, emotional involvement and discipline. It also demands a sense of purpose, risk taking and pride in one’s work.



ART S1 – S3

National 4 Art and Design

National 5 Art and Design

Higher Art and Design

Extra Curricular



Careers and DYW

Art and Design can open up a variety of different career pathways for pupils, not all of them within the Arts industry.

The skills developed in the Art classroom such as creativity, independence and problem solving are transferrable across a range of careers.


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