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The Rights Respecting Schools Group run regular meetings in school with pupils and staff to ensure that young people at

Portlethen Academy are aware of their rights and are getting them.

We are working for UNICEF’s Rights Respecting Schools Award which provides a framework to make sure schools are “rights respecting”.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child gives a list of rights that all children have. The Convention is now recognised as law in Scotland. The rights are there to make sure children are happy, healthy, safe and fulfilling their potential.

The Rights Respecting Schools Group in Portlethen Academy

have identified 10 key rights we think are relevant to young people

in school.

Rights Respecting Schools Group

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Portlethen Academy’s

Key Values

These values were devised by members of the school’s Rights

Respecting Schools Group. They aim to embody the articles of the

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. They also form part of

Portlethen Academy’s commitment towards “Getting it Right for

Every Child” through providing support and raising aspiration

within school.

Value 1

“Learn and improve”

Everyone should be given opportunities to improve and achieve. We want

everyone at Portlethen Academy to be the best they can be!

Value 2

“Get involved”

Everyone should be given opportunities to participate fully in school life.

Working with others can improve learning and the life of our school.

Value 3

“Think about the consequences”

All our actions have consequences – positive and negative and they can

affect our future and those around us. We need to always bear this in mind in

what we do.