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Business Management

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National 4 & 5 / Higher / Advanced Higher

BusMan PhotoBusiness plays an important role in society. We all rely on businesses and entrepreneurs to create wealth, prosperity, jobs and choices. This course will allow learners to develop an understanding of the way in which businesses operate in the current dynamic, changing, competitive and economic environments, and to encourage enterprising attitudes.



Aims of the Course

The aims of the course are to enable learners to develop:


  • knowledge and understanding of business concepts in a range of contexts
  • awareness of the processes and procedures businesses use to ensure customers’ needs are met
  • enterprising skills, and adopt enterprising attributes, by participating in practical activities in realistic business situations
  • financial awareness through a business context
  • an insight into the impact of the economy on businesses and our daily lives, thus gaining economic awareness

Course Content

The course consists of two mandatory Units:

  • Business in Action – In this Unit, learners will have opportunities to participate in activities that develop an awareness of the enterprising skills and personal attributes required to succeed in business. Learners will develop an understanding of the importance of satisfying customers’ needs. This Unit will also develop learners’ awareness of the key functional activities such as marketing, finance, operations and human resources, and applying their understanding of these areas to support business planning and decision making.
  • Influences on Business – In this Unit, to participate in activities that develop an awareness of the effects that financial matters and other internal influences can have on business. They will also develop awareness of the effects that a range of external influences can have on business. Learners will explore how the actions of stakeholders can influence businesses and will acquire skills and knowledge and understanding relating to the financial, economic, competitive and social environment in which businesses have to operate.


Learners will be required to demonstrate a high level of overall performance by:

  • understanding the ways in which business operates to meet customers’ needs
  • understanding the role of business and its impact of business on our daily lives
  • applying knowledge and understanding of planning techniques used by business to ensure success
  • understanding entrepreneurial attributes in the context of business start-up
  • understanding the key functional areas of business
  • understanding the effects of internal and external influences on business activity
  • interpreting and drawing elementary conclusions from business information
  • demonstrating independence and communication skills, including the ability to use ICT and work with others


A myriad of learning and teaching techniques are in practise in the department. These include whole class teaching, effective questioning, cooperative learning activities such as the case study method, and individual work. ICT is also used regularly to enhance pupils’ learning. Active learning is at the heart of the course.



  • National 3 – To achieve the National 3 Business Course, pupils must pass all of the required Units. National 3 Courses are not graded.
  • National 4 – Added Value Unit: Business Assignment

This Unit requires the learner to draw on and extend business skills, knowledge and             understanding to prepare a simple business proposal for an aspect of a new small         business, making use of appropriate technology.  To achieve the National 4 Business         Course, pupils must pass all of the required Units including the Added Value Unit.          National 4 Courses are not graded.



Pupils will often have to research business concepts for homework. This could mean watching the news and being prepared to present back to class or creating a presentation on a current business issue. Formal written homework will be issued to prepare pupils for assessments.


How Can You Help?

Doing the following will help your child to become more skilled in Business:

  • Encourage your child to read business news either in print or online.
  • Encourage your child to watch the business news and business themed programmes such as Dragons Den and The Apprentice.