Business Management – National 5

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National 4 & 5 / Higher

Business Management

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Computing Science

National 4 & 5 / Higher / Advanced Higher

BusMan PhotoThis course will allow learners to gain an introduction to the world of business. It aims to highlight the way in which organisations operate and how they achieve their goals. Learners will understand the way society relies on business to satisfy our needs and gain an insight into the business systems used to meet customer needs. The course also allows learners to develop enterprising skills and attitudes as well as financial awareness using realistic business situations.



Aims of the Course

The aims of the course are to enable learners to develop:

  • knowledge and understanding of the ways in which society relies on business to satisfy our needs
  • an insight into the systems organisations use to ensure customers’ needs are met
  • enterprising skills and attributes by providing them with opportunities to explore realistic business situations
  • financial awareness through a business context
  • an insight into how organisations organise their resources for maximum efficiency and improve their overall performance
  • an awareness of how external influences impact on organisations

Course Content

The course consists of three mandatory Units:

  • Understanding Business – In this Unit, learners will study such topics as what businesses do and why, customer satisfaction, business objectives, wealth creation and the economy, internal and external factors influencing business, stakeholders and their impact on business.
  • Management of People and Finance – In this Unit, learners will study such topics as recruitment and selection, training, staff motivation, employment legislation, sources of business finance, cash flow issues, break-even and profit and loss.
  • Management of Marketing and Operations – In this Unit, learners will study such topics as market research, product life cycle, pricing and promotion, selecting suppliers, stock issues, ethical production and quality in production.


Learners will be required to demonstrate a high level of overall performance by:

  • understanding the impact of business activities on society
  • applying the ideas of ethical and effective business decisions to solve straightforward business-related problems
  • communicating straightforward business ideas, opinions and information relating to the effects of internal and external factors on business activity
  • understanding how entrepreneurial attributes can help in business development
  • understanding how to enhance employability skills
  • understanding the contribution of staff to business success
  • interpreting and evaluating straightforward business financial data to ensure effective financial management
  • analysing the effectiveness of a limited range of marketing activities, and understanding how they can be used to enhance customer satisfaction
  • evaluating a range of production techniques used to maximise the quality of goods/services
  • understanding the use of existing and emerging technologies in current business practice



A myriad of learning and teaching techniques are in practise in the department. These include whole class teaching, effective questioning, cooperative learning activities such as the case study method, and individual work. ICT is also used regularly to enhance pupils’ learning. Active learning is at the heart of the course.



This course will be assessed through a combination of an assignment and a question paper. The purpose of the assignment is to assess the pupil’s ability to apply skills, knowledge and understanding from across the Units of the Course. The assignment will require pupils to apply their research, decision making and communication skills by producing a proposal to improve the effectiveness of a small to medium-sized business.  The question paper will have 70% of the total mark and the assignment will have 30% of the total mark.



Pupils will often have to research business concepts for homework. This could mean watching the news and being prepared to present back to class or creating a presentation on a current business issue. Formal written homework will be issued to prepare pupils for assessments.


How Can You Help?

Doing the following will help your child to become more skilled in Business Management:

  • Encourage your child to read business news either in print or online.
  • Encourage your child to watch the business news and business themed programmes such as Dragons Den and The Apprentice.
  • Encourage your child to practise presentations at home.