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Business Management

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BusMan PhotoThe purpose of this Course is to prepare learners to play an active part in this culture by equipping them with an understanding of the national and global nature of business. This will include the challenges posed by globalisation and the effect it has on Scotland’s businesses and environment, business and management theories, and principles of effective management used in different organisations. Learners will develop analytical and research skills by investigating real organisations in a range of contexts.



Aims of the Course

The aims to enable learners to:

  • enhance the skills of independent learning, research, critical analysis and problem solving in a business context
  • apply business and management concepts and theories to reach conclusions
  • evaluate the social, ethical and global factors that affect local, national and multinational organisations
  • analyse and evaluate leadership theories, management schools of thought and approaches to managing change
  • prepare and critically evaluate a range of analytical techniques and management techniques used to assist in effective planning and decision-making at a strategic level


Course Content

The course consists of three mandatory Units:

The External Business Environment – In this Unit, learners will develop a detailed knowledge and in-depth understanding of the effects of external influences on organisations operating at a multinational and global level. The Unit provides learners with the opportunities to investigate how an organisation is affected by external factors and to gain an in-depth understanding of the responsibilities of managers in an economic, social and environmental context. Learners will analyse and evaluate the impact of such external factors and consider the effectiveness of various courses of action.

The Internal Business Environment – In this Unit, learners will gain a thorough grounding in the discipline that forms the basis of management practice. The Unit allows learners to carry out activities that will expand their knowledge of both traditional and contemporary management theories used by organisations to maximise their efficiency. It also allows learners to analyse and evaluate theories relating to internal factors that influence the success of teams.

Evaluating Business Information -In this Unit, learners will develop skills in evaluating a range of business information used by organisations to reach conclusions. This will help learners to become competent and confident in the analysis and evaluation of business information, based on a research project carried out on a topic from the Course.



A broad overview of the mandatory subject skills, knowledge and understanding that will be assessed in the Course is given in this section. These include:

  • evaluating strategic planning in complex business situations
  • applying management concepts to real-life business contexts
  • understanding and evaluating a range of schools of management thought in current business contexts
  • analysing and evaluating a range of approaches to manage change in the current business environment
  • analysing equality and diversity in the workplace
  • analysing and evaluating the different skills needed for effective leadership in different business contexts
  • analysing the impact that external agencies can have on business
  • evaluating the impact of business at home and in a global context
  • evaluating how analytical techniques and emerging technology can be used to support business decisions
  • reaching conclusions and making recommendations based on the analysis and evaluation of research carried out on a topic from the Course


For Advanced Higher Courses, a significant amount of learning may be self-directed and require learners to demonstrate a more mature approach to learning and the ability to work on their own initiative. These could include, for example, planning time for regular feedback sessions or discussions on a one-to-one basis led by the teacher or lecturer



This course will be assessed through a combination of a project and a question paper. The purpose of this project is to address challenge and application. The project will provide learners with the opportunity to apply and extend research, analytical, evaluative and decision-making skills, within the context of a business topic or issue. Learners should use a wide range of business sources relevant to the context of the project, and present their findings in a business report.


The question paper is worth 80 marks and the assignment is worth 40 marks.



Pupils will often have to research business concepts for homework.  Formal written homework will be issued to prepare pupils for assessments.