Administration and IT – National 4 and 5

Administration and IT

National 4 & 5 / Higher

Business Management

National 3 & 4 / National 5 / Higher / Advanced Higher

Computing Science

National 4 & 5 / Higher / Advanced Higher

Admin PhotoThe course uses real-life contexts which enables learners to understand the world of work and develops their IT skills and theoretical knowledge to work towards industry standards. While the course reflects current administrative practice, it is sufficiently flexible to take account of emerging technologies to ensure its continuing currency and relevance.



Aims of the Course

The aims of the course are to enable learners to develop:

  • an understanding of administrative practices are applied in the workplace and legislation affecting both organisations and employees
  • an understanding of good customer care and its benefits to organisations
  • IT skills and use them to perform administrative tasks
  • organisational skills to enable learners to organise and support events

Course Content

The course consists of three mandatory Units:

  • Administrative Practices – In this unit, learners will develop an understanding of the nature of the administration sector, study key legislation affecting employees and organisations, the importance of customer care and the skills, qualities and attributes required to be successful in an administrative role.
  • IT Solutions for Administrations – In this unit, learners will develop skills in IT, problem solving and organising and managing information in a variety of administrative contexts.
  • Communication in Administration – In this unit, learners will develop skills to use IT for gathering and sharing information. They will develop an understanding of what constitutes a reliable source of information and also be able to communicate information in ways appropriate to its context, audience and purpose.



Learners will develop and enhance transferable skills to support them in the wider curriculum, further education and the work place.


  • skills, qualities and attributes required of administrators
  • basic skills in using the following IT applications: word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentations and desktop publishing
  • skills in organising and supporting events
  • skills in using technology, including the internet, for electronic communication and investigation
  • skills in organising, processing and communicating simple information
  • knowledge and understanding of key legislation affecting employees in the workplace
  • knowledge and understanding of the key features of good customer care 



Pupils will learn through a variety of methodologies including whole-class teaching, activity-based learning, peer and individualised learning.  Pupils will experience learning through the use of ICT and their developed knowledge will be integrated with practical activities throughout the course.



  • National 4 – Added Value Unit: Administration and IT Assignment

This Unit requires the pupil to apply skills and knowledge from the other Units to             organise and support a small-scale event. To achieve the National 4 Administration and    IT Course, pupils must pass all of the required Units including the Added Value Unit.          National 4 Courses are not graded.

  • National 5 – This course will be assessed trough an assignment. The purpose of the assignment is to assess pupils’ ability to apply their administrative and IT skills, developed and acquired during the Course, in the context of organising and supporting an event.



Pupils will be expected to undertake reading of theory notes prior to whole class teaching of the unit.  Pupils will be given written homework exercises to complete, these will be based on class teaching and pupil notes can be used for reference and support.


How Can You Help?

Doing the following will help your child to become more skilled in Administration and IT:

  • Encourage your child to continually read and learn their theory notes
  • Encourage your child to discuss their lessons with you and offer your knowledge/experience of the workplace
  • Encourage your child to use the appropriate software/technology at home to reinforce learning