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Administration and IT

National 4 & 5 / Higher

Business Management

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Computing Science

National 4 & 5 / Higher / Advanced Higher

Admin PhotoThe Course, which is a blend of applied, experiential learning and related theory, develops both generic and subject-specific skills in administration-related contexts. The generic skills include the thinking skills of understanding, applying, analysing and evaluating and aspects of literacy and numeracy. The subject-specific skills, which include a range of IT skills, some of them advanced, will enable learners to organise, manage and communicate information, take responsibility for key administrative tasks and manage the organisation of events (including meetings).


Aims of the Course

 The Course aims to enable learners to:

  • develop knowledge and understanding of administration in the workplace and its importance
  • develop a range of advanced IT skills for processing and managing information
  • develop a range of skills to communicate complex information effectively, making appropriate use of IT
  • acquire skills in managing the organisation of events


Course Content

The course consists of three mandatory Units:

  • Administrative Theory and Practice – The purpose of this Unit is to enable learners to develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of administration in, and the impact of IT on, the workplace. Learners will acquire an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the factors contributing to the effectiveness of the administrative function, such as effective time and task management, complying with workplace legislation, effective teams and customer care.
  • IT Solutions for Administrations – The purpose of this Unit is to develop learners’ skills in IT, some of them advanced, and in organising and managing information in administration-related contexts. Learners will develop the ability to utilise a range of functions, some of them advanced, of IT applications covering word processing, spreadsheets, databases, or emerging equivalent technologies, and to use them to analyse, process and manage information in order to create and edit relatively complex business documents.
  • Communication in Administration – The purpose of this Unit is to enable learners to develop a range of IT skills, some of them advanced, for research and communicating complex information to others. Learners will develop an understanding of barriers to communication and ways of overcoming them to ensure communication is understood. The Unit will also develop learners’ knowledge and understanding of how to maintain the security and confidentiality of information. This will enable learners to communicate information, taking account of the needs of the audience.



A broad overview of the mandatory subject skills, knowledge and understanding that will be assessed in the Course includes:


  • using a range of complex functions of the following IT applications — word processing, spreadsheets, databases, desktop publishing and presentation software — in both familiar and unfamiliar contexts
  • using technology, including the internet, for electronic communication in both familiar and unfamiliar contexts
  • organising, managing and communicating relatively complex information to a range of audiences
  • managing the organisation of events
  • procedures for organising and supporting meetings/events
  • solving problems in an administrative-related context
  • knowledge and understanding of administration in the workplace and its importance
  • knowledge and understanding of key legislation affecting administration and its implications for organisations
  • knowledge and understanding of the impact of IT on the working practices
  • knowledge and understanding of effective teams and time and task management
  • knowledge and understanding of the features of good customer care and the benefits of good, and consequences of poor, customer care



Pupils will learn through a variety of methodologies including whole-class teaching, activity-based learning, peer and individualised learning.  Pupils will experience learning through the use of ICT and their developed knowledge will be integrated with practical activities throughout the course.



This course will be assessed by a combination of a question paper and an assignment . The question paper will require the retention and/or integration of learning from across the Units as well as a demonstration of a depth of knowledge and understanding developed across the Course. The assignment will require learners to extend administration-related knowledge, understanding and skills and to apply them in a context.

Question paper is worth 70 marks, assignment is worth 30 marks.



Pupils will be expected to undertake reading of theory notes prior to whole class teaching of the unit.  Pupils will be given written homework exercises to complete, these will be based on class teaching and pupil notes can be used for reference and support.


How Can You Help?

Doing the following will help your child to become more skilled in Administration and IT:

  • Encourage your child to continually read and learn their theory notes
  • Encourage your child to discuss their lessons with you and offer your knowledge/experience of the workplace
  • Encourage your child to use the appropriate software/technology at home to reinforce learning