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Hospitality Nation 4 & 5

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Hospitality: Practical Cookery

Purpose and aims of the Course

This Course aims to further develop learners’ life skills and enhance their personal effectiveness in terms of cookery and to provide a set of skills for those who wish to progress to further study in the hospitality context.


In preparing learners for life, the Course anticipates their future needs in that it enables them to learn how to plan, prepare and cook food for themselves and others. It also develops organisational skills, which have an application in a wide variety of contexts.



The Course aims to enable learners to:

  • proficiently use a range of cookery skills, food preparation techniques and cookery processes when following recipes
    • select and use ingredients to produce and garnish or decorate dishes
  • develop an understanding of the characteristics of ingredients and an awareness of their sustainability
  • develop an understanding of current dietary advice relating to the use of ingredients
    • plan and produce meals and present them appropriately
    • work safely and hygienically



This Course is designed for those who are interested in food and cooking and who enjoy being creative with food.


Learners who have chosen to follow it may wish to utilise their cookery knowledge and skills at home, in the wider community or, ultimately, in the hospitality industry.


Payment for Practical Work

All students need to complete three units of work plus an assignment in order to gain an award. All students will carry out the same or similar practical work for these units but the assessment requirements will differ between the National 4 candidates and the National 5 candidates. For session 2016-2017 the cost is as follows for all students for the first two units.


Unit Date Cost Payment due date by:
Cookery skills, techniques and processes June – October £30.00 £10.00 30th June


Organisational skills for cooking October – December £15.00 Monday 7th November


Whilst completing the third unit, students will also be preparing for and carrying out the assessments. The cost of the ingredients for these assessments is different for each level and therefore the final payment reflects this.


As you son or daughter works through this course, we will be able to determine the level they will be aiming to achieve.

Unit Date Cost Payment due date by:
Understanding and using ingredients


January – April National 4: £20.00 Monday 9th January 2017
National 5: £30.00


  • Please make cheques payable to ‘ Aberdeenshire Council ‘.
  • If paying by cash, please place the amount in an envelope with the students name on and the amount included.



Pupils are required to bring to school appropriate dishes and containers:

  • 1 x Small oven-proof dish / 1 x medium sized rectangular oven-proof dish
  • 1 x small plastic container with lid / 1 x medium plastic container with lid ( large enough for a sponge cake )
  • 1 large flask ( soup)
  • Foil rectangular containers may be purchased from school – cost 10p
  • Pupils require an A4 ring binder and a set of dividers
  • Pupils should always come equipped with appropriate writing materials



  • We would advise that Hospitality pupils bring their own apron each week.
  • Nail varnish should not be worn to school on the day that pupils are carrying out practical work.
  • Long hair must be tied back with an appropriate band/clip etc. – this is a Food Hygiene Regulation that must be adhered to at all times.



  • Due to the number of practical assessments pupils have to undertake, we strongly advise that they practise cookery skills and techniques as much as possible at home throughout the course: this will increase their confidence, pace of work and organisational skill.


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