Health & Food Technology Higher

S1 & S2


Hospitality Nation 4 & 5

Health and Food Technology Higher

Health and Food Technology Advanced Higher

The Health & Food Technology course at Higher level is made up of 3 Units.


These units are assessed individually throughout the year. Our students work is carefully checked to ensure it meets the assessment standards set by the SQA and we have a rigorous verification process to ensure the work is of the required standard.


The units studied are:


Food For Health


This unit increases our students knowledge and understanding of the relationship between food, health and nutrition. They will learn about differing dietary needs for individuals at various stages of life and also current dietary advice. Pupils will also have the opportunity to prepare and cook dishes to meet individual nutritional needs.

Food Product Development

This unit further develops our students knowledge and understanding of the functional properties of ingredients in food and their use in developing new food products. Students will learn about the stages involved in developing food products and, through a problem solving approach, produce a food product to meet specified needs.


Contemporary Food Issues

This unit explores some of the factors which may affect food choices and looks at contemporary food issues such as genetically modified and organic foods. Students will also develop knowledge and understanding of food labelling and how it helps consumers make informed food choices.



In addition to the 3 units, Higher students will complete an Assignment which is externally assessed and marked by the SQA.

This is a comprehensive piece of work and students begin this task in November. It comprises of several sections and it is vital that the students meet the deadlines set for each section.

Students are expected to work with more independence whilst studying for a Higher qualification and to take more responsibility for their learning.

There is increasing emphasis on individual research and students need to organise their schedules to ensure that they are able to complete work on time.



Students complete a 1 ½ hour written exam which is externally marked.