Additional Support for Learning (SFL)

Mrs Rhona MacKenzie – Faculty Head (Acting)

Welcome to the Department

All pupils may require additional support for learning at some point in their school lives. Some examples include;

  • A particularly gifted child receiving additional input within the class setting to ensure effective pace and challenge.
  • A pupil who has broken their arm receiving Alternative Assessment Arrangements in the form of a Scribe.
  • A pupil requiring time in the Support Centre to catch up on the subject(s) they miss as a result of their college attendance.

Support is given to individuals with a range of barriers to learning including dyslexia, English as an Additional Language, hearing impairment and those particularly gifted who may require additional input to achieve and attain at the highest level.

A pupil may experience these barriers for a short or extended period of time; they may be across the curriculum, or just in one subject area. Support may be provided in a variety of ways;

  • In Class Support – the ASL staff member works alongside the subject teacher to assist individuals.
  • Assessment – to discover the nature and extent of a pupil’s difficulty in order to target support.
  • Individual/Small Group Withdrawal – to address a particular difficulty.
  • Differentiation – adapting existing learning and teaching materials to enable all pupils to use them.
  • Consultancy – the ASL staff liaise closely with parents, teachers and outside agencies in order to support pupils effectively.